A Embarrassing Story About Cory( Story #1) Read Count : 53

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So this girl named Cory was in her classroom. She was doing her math. She thought it was the best day ever cuz she sat next to her crush, Lukas. It was show and tell so her and her partner ( crush Lukas) went up front and and exsplaned there show and tell. They brought there world classic coin from the 16 century they found in her back yard. So Cory went up and said ," I'm proudly to.....," She stopped her eyes got all big and red! BLAAAAA BLAAAA!!! She pucked right in her partners lap!!! Every one started cracking up. They couldn't STOP. Her teacher walked up to her. ," Oh my goodness are you alright.... Why don't you clean your self up..... Ok... Ok," Cory covered her head, she couldn't bear look at the class that was laughing at her. ," I....Im so sorry every one th...this is horrible 😭😭 she said crying. ,"I HATE MY FRICKEN LIFE," she yelled!  Her crush yelled and gave her the most disgusting face in the ever. From then on she was known as the class clown🤡


  • Morrigan Metz

    Morrigan Metz

    this is so me you guys😂🤣

    Sep 11, 2019

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