Lost In A Street Intersection Read Count : 59

Category : Poems

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Sitting in a watchful state
Pitter patter do the streets make
With all the hustle and bustle 
Sounds emerge from every where
As the heads point down
No eye contact at all
The zombies roam from here to there
Never smiling at a single thing
Cause you are so caught up
Drift away the streets will take you
Into a land of complete confusion 
The wind it blows right on through
As a horn screams a erie sound
The tire-squalls at a curb
As a drive jumps the gun
Light is green let’s go
So much here that no one knows
As the signs communicate their goals 
People follow with no content 
Oh the street what you say
Can anyone else hear your speech as I 


  • Sep 05, 2019

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