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Not so fast, Yoko-san!

The early small sun rose, bringing the light in my room. I slowly open my eyes.

Me: (Good, this boy does not wake me up.)

I sit up and stretching. I gave out a big yawn. What good night I have.

I jumped out of my bed. I walked toward my closet. I opened the doors and grabbed my uniform then closed.

I put my uniform on bed. I sighed.

Me: Can you freaking get out of my room?

The boy startled. I can spot him "sit" my chair whole time.

The boy: W-why?

This. Boy. Is. Idiot.

Me: Just get out.

My tone comes out little strong. The boy nodded his head annoying. He got up and floated out and went through a wall.

I clicked my tongue.

For a few minutes, I wearing a uniform. I went to my door. Get ready for school.

But as I opened my door, the boy floating in front of me. I rolled my eyes and walked into him. He's a ghost, I can just go through him.

I went into the bathroom.

Me: If you go into this room, I will make sure to kick you out of my house.

I shouted through inside the bathroom. I gave off a bigger sigh. I stare at my left eye. So red and white cycles pupil. While my right eye: Brown and no pupil. I picked my eye patch up and put on my left eye. I put my beanie and gloves on.

Me: I look fine.

I mumbled. Then I turn and walk to my kitchen. I cooked chocolate chip pancakes. I ate quickly. I washed my dish then go to the entryway. Get my boots on. But as a cold breeze grabbed me and get tighter as I move.

I look my back and see what behind me.

Of course, the boy. But one thing that surprises me the most: how can he touch me even he's an idiotic ghost?

The boy: Not so fast, Yoko-san!


  • Clara  Talbot

    Clara Talbot

    keep writing...this is interesting

    Sep 04, 2019

  • 455u79e3

    Sep 04, 2019

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