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Me: alright guys! It's Time!!

Everyone: Nooooo!!!

Me: oh come on!!! It'll be fine!

Everyone: fine...

Me: okay first question...

Purple Kitty: okay I have one question and one dare, Q: why do you want to be writer when you grow up???

Me: well, I just like writing, it's the most I do in my spare time other than hanging out in the slenderman cabin, drawing, and singing, and I just like bringing joy to the world! 

Hoodie: ptff! How stupid!

Me: shut up!

Purple Kitty: D: I dare you to tell all of the characters that you love them! (Wanna see their reaction 😂)

Me: I love you Slender brothers!

Slenderman: aw...

Offender: hm..oh lala!

Splendor: thank u dear!

Trender: Aww! And I love your style today!

Hoodie: don't care...

Melody: gee lil me, I love ya too!

LJ: aw!

Sally: Yee!

Lazari: thank u Rae

Zalgo: don't give a shit....

Me: welp, that's all for today....only one comment on the magical anon post...so...

I guess have a great and bloody day!🖤🖤🖤


  • Love it! I love their reactions XD.

    Sep 04, 2019

  • woah. lol

    Nov 19, 2019

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