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Just like the falling leaves which can't be put back if fall once, the burning pages which once burnt are can't be stopped and if stopped it can't be used again. Just like that every one has the potential , the capability to achieve anything but he doesn't put his potential in it as he believes in lies, he believes that he can't achieve his goal, that he doesn't have the potential in him. If he knows what he can do then no one can stop him from achieving it. As it it said that if the goal it higher then it requires a lot of hardwork to achieve it . The storm inside us , the raging fire which keeps saying that we can do it, that we have the potential to achieve anything can make every person a diamond among coal. Cause coal can be found easily but diamonds are one in a million and to be a diamond, a person need to have that storm , that raging fire inside them to achieve anything . If a person knows how to fight , how to put his full potential through hard work and dedication, he can conquer the vicious ocean or the volcanic eruption and can rise as survivor. But, if he doesn't know how to fight or he give up before putting his full potential or before even trying at least once, then he is sure to be drown in the ocean or become an ember in the lava. It means if a person wants to achieve something then he must have to give his 100% but before that he has to have that storm, that urge inside him to achieve that thing .


  • Sep 05, 2019

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