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Wings all black, but heart so pure
For every single nightmare, she has the cure!
She loves children, and is always ready to play...
And she hates the sun much more to day.

For most mortals are afraid,
But they yet realize she's not to be feared,
Then their fear of her face, begins to fade... 
For she has a pure soul and rantage,
Do not take her for your advantage.

For She loves to fight, 
Not only her own demons,
 but also the darkest creatures of the night... 

For she loves to sing lullabies and wears a gothic black dress,
For she is yours truly, 

...~The Angel Of Darkness~... 


  • Purple Kitty

    Purple Kitty

    Love your poem as always!

    Sep 04, 2019

  • Scarlett  Riddle

    Scarlett Riddle

    cool poem

    Sep 09, 2019

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