Protecting Those You Love Read Count : 33

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There comes a time in the life of love
Where a difficult decision is needed 
What you say will hurt both  you and them 
It  will certainly not be greeted

The  issue in question will sting at once 
But it has to be revealed
The pain will worsen if you hesitate 
And continue to keep it concealed

The crucial decision that faces you
Is the time better now or later 
By evaluating this issue confronting you  Now is probably better than later 

A valuable guide to this tough task
Later can cause more resentment 
If you’re love’s given the time to dwell 
on it
It could lead toward future contentment 

You may be thinking  what could it be
That would create so much confusion 
It is a real possibility 
It is not just an illusion 

 The future is unpredictable 
So that you should be prepared 
If this eventually happens 
It won’t be an issue you feared

Protecting those you’re committed too
Is a responsibility most vital
When discussing major sacrifice 
Love is the descriptive title


  • Sep 05, 2019

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