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“Grasp tightly to that which you know, hold on to the familiar, and don’t let go! Don’t let change into your life, barricade strongly ... for change brings strife!”

Fear kicks in. 

“Let down your defences beautiful one, open yourself to your inner sun! I am your Soul and I have a plan. Just trust in me, come... take my hand!”

Self-love arise. 

“Distract yourself ... don’t be fooled! You're nothing special, don’t be lulled into love’s dreams and wishes it holds for you, they’re not real.. they’re completely untrue!”

Doubt and Fear roll together. 

“Do you remember your decision to come... to learn and to grow, to experience yourself, and have fun? Feel deeply now, move past your fear... dive through the doubts .. go to where, your eternal flame flickers, where the light always glows. This is your truth ... this is love’s flow! Fear keeps you small ... doubt tells you to hide, love shows you where magnificence resides. I AM that Love and I AM your guide... when you can trust, come ... I AM waiting inside. We have travelled together, you and me ... hand in hand through eternity!”

The quiet whisper of Self-love sets a trigger. 

“Choose NOW to embrace Fear, give gratitude to Doubt .. let us fold these parts back into your heart ... and come... let us start.”

But the voice of Fear wouldn't disappear. It baits and it waits for you to surrender. 

"The journey's unfolding and we are right on time ... to open to life and Shine, Shine, Shine! Let me show you the truth of how it ALL is.... let me open your heart and give you a gift! Yes, it is true ... the most glorious gift in reality is YOU!"

Love's whisper is increasingly clear. 

Which voice would you you choose to listen to - the voice of Love, or the voice of Fear?


  • Sep 03, 2019

  • Clara  Talbot

    Clara Talbot


    Sep 03, 2019

  • Sep 04, 2019

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