Kolya.Godfather Of Mafia Read Count : 34

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
Kolya is popular mafiosis of mafia. On her had a 123 kills and police dont can proved  this is a. He live in New York՝  country  of mafia. All  city know him. 
He live with her family and two daughters՝Katya and Klara. They so decided go to the fathers way, but father asked them that this is a very dangerous.
They small yet and he didnt want as they agitate the soul.
Kolyas women՝ Elisabet beauty and dont have it doesnt have matter with mafia and he liked mafia when he were small.
But then he understand that this is a very dangerous. One day him invited cafe where him need gived lot of money. And they to ordering coctail, that in have a cool.
He drinking and killied.
After this is a her daughter՝Katya decided take revenge of his father. And he buying for him gun and go to this is mans and dead him.
After this is a he deading two mafiosis that after come polices and Katya them killed so.
And small girl become power mafios after him father.


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