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yes, dinky-do...
wuz d universe created ex nihilo?
not exactly, my sweet.
well, then wat?
it wuz a word.
wat word?
hot dog.
hot dog? huh? squeeked dinky-do!
well, mayB not hot dog...
o, k, maurice, quit kiddN.
it wuz a word, I'm juz not sure which word.
o, k, i c.
i think it wuz d word lite, so u can c.
ah, & is that wat we call day?
um,hum & n it's shadow is nite.
k. so where do day & nite exist!
under d sky, of course!
o, k, i c.  & wat else exists under d sky?
water? o, but i can't swim!
it's k, dinky-do, there's also earth.
o, u mean dry land?
ah, yes, my sweet.
y dry land?
fruits & vegetables.
yes, fruits & vegetables, they had 2 have a place 2 grow.
but y?
so u can have bananas on ur cereal, o.j. & milk 2 drink 4 breakfast.
milk? where does that cum n?
o, dear, back up.
u need fruits & vegetables 4 d cows 2 eat.
uh, huh, cows. dats where milk cums from.
how'd cows cum n?
after fruits & vegetables there had 2 b sumthing 2 eat these things, so there waz cows.
on d dry land earth?
not n d water?
no & d water's called d sea.
no, silly, sea, s-e-a, not c, like d day let me c u.
i c, sea!
confusion, huh, dinky-do?
yeah. & wat about d sea?
sea monsters.
o, dear, o, dear! n d sea?
uh huh, n d sea.
& wat r they called?
leviathan, my dear dinky-do, leviathan.
& wat do they eat?
they eat u!
o, k, now u c y i don't swim.
yeah, good idea.
yes, maurice, i think so...
me 2.
all rite. so, let me get this straight, pleeze, there wuz nothing, but not exactly nothing bcuz there wuz a word, lite, & d lite existed under d sky & n d shadow of d lite wuz nite...
ya, so far so good, my sweet.
thank u...k, now, under d sky's earth & d sea, & n d sea
leviathan, on d earth fruits, vegetables, & cows.
o, yes, & much more!
tell me, tell me!
it's almost 2nite, 2 much 2 tell n wats left of 2day.
k, then 2morrow?
o, but 2morrow's just byond d perimeter of reality, my dear!
o, i c...n quantum reality, maurice?
ndeed, dinky-do, my sweet. n quantum reality, ndeed.


  • Clara  Talbot

    Clara Talbot

    this is very creative

    Sep 03, 2019

  • Reminds me of Autumns curiousity about the world and learning day and night! At night she says the sun is sleepy going to bed lol. The cow part reminds me of how cute she is when she says "milk comes from cows boobies!" 😆

    Sep 03, 2019

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