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   It is the wake of another mass shooting in the United States, this time in Odessa, Texas. Only a few people killed, but several people injured and a great deal of property damage done. As parroted by the media, a 30 year old man lost his job and went berserk. What bothers me about this story, is not actually what happened, but the vents which let it happen. I was skeptical when the news first came out, because the police weren't saying much and they told the media that they didn't think it was premeditated. This turned out to be a deliberately constructed lie, as newly released evidence shows but the attacker actually called the police and even an FBI tip line.
   Though I support the right to bear arms, I do not support the person's right to abuse this privilege. I do not support the rights to abused other people with such privileges either. When it comes down to it, the reality of a person with the gun is only determined by the person carrying it. Yet, many people in the United States foolishly bear arms in public as if it ruled over them. I've been doing some research recently, and through polls I found over 30% of gun owners are actually a high risk threat to innocent civilians. How do you figure this? The answer is actually simple.
   Last month, I the down into the data files of crime with weapon related and instances. I only focused on gun crimes and mass shootings. With the number of gun owners who have committed crime, or related to an accidental shooting are much higher than we are led to believe. Over 30% of gun owners have been responsible for a gun-related assault or accident. This is disturbing as.the number of gun owners in the United States is strikingly high. Here are more disturbing figures.

  • Only 32% of gun owners own only one handgun.
  • Only 24% of gun owners own one handgun and one rifle.
  • Approximately 44% of gun owners own more than one handgun and one rifle.

   Wait, what? Is probably what's your thinking right now at this moment. There is no real need for a person to have more than one handgun and one rifle. Yet, we see a common trait of 44% of the public in the US owning more than one handgun and one rifle. These are troubling figures because you should see the reverse would be more preferential. Our society is not safe for two reasons.
   The first reason our society is not safe, is actually because of the negligence in gun control. If you cannot bear arms responsibly, you should not be allowed to carry them. Less than 50% of the states requires any kind of training to retrieve a firearm for concealed and carry licenses. This is in fact very troubling, because you don't know how good someone will be if with a firearm unless they test it. Then, they would have to practice on a regular basis to strengthen their accuracy.
    The second reason, guns are overrun in the market. Several thousand Firearms are produced every year and sold throughout the United States, and exported to different countries. With so many guns on the market, it leads the way to the wrong type of people to get ahold of them and sell them or use them for Criminal Intent. We need to combat this situation very carefully, as we don't want the markets to overflod or under flood.

How to combat inappropriate firearm abuse
  1. Strict regulations on companies making them.
  2. Hands-on training to inexperienced gun owners and free required safety courses. 
  3. Stricter punishment to those who commit crimes with guns.
  4. Clear stipulations on the rights of an individual bearing arms.
  5. Abolishing the rights of individuals who abused the privilege of carrying a firearm.


  • All valid points.

    Sep 03, 2019

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