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Dogs! Cats!
Which a person are you?
Dogs and cats are the most popular pets.
And in social media too.
So I do not surprise that there are many people have/prefer dogs or cats.
Oh, I want to know your guess about me!
Am I a dog or cat person?
Of course, I will tell you which.
I am a cat person.
That's what you think?
Sadly, no.
I am a very very dog person.
 I get along with dogs very good unlike cats and I do.
Every time I pet cats, they just grab me and about to bite my dear fingers.
Lucky, I have a reflex, so I reacted quickly.
Cats usually give warning by hissing before attacking.
A problem: I can't hear.
So I just sat here and wondering if they meowing or yawning. (Literally)

Aww, dogs! They are so cute!
If they don't in the mood for you to pet them. They always move, no attacks like cats.
They are really happiness booster! Every time I around them, my frown will upside down become a smile!
So if a person walks by with a dog, I would become that dog's stalker, stare with a smile and follow secretly. (No, not true)
Sometimes, I wish to ask dog owners to pet their dogs.
  1. I am shy
  2. I can't speak
But just look at dogs are enough for me!

Now, now, you may wonder why not I name myself "Purple puppy" instead "Purple kitty?"
Hmmm, Great question!
There an answer for you!

Why not?


  • Purple Kitty

    Purple Kitty

    about "too shy and can't speak" part. I sometime ask my parents to ask dog owners for me. so please not be sad or feel bad..(if you do, sorry)

    Sep 02, 2019

  • man, i wish i could be i can't hear people's bullshit about me... (pardon my language if you're sensitive to that...)

    Sep 02, 2019

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