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Alright you already may know alot about me
I like creepy pasta
I'm lesbian
I have an oc named Ecliptic Melody
My best friend on writers outlet is Maruce Beres and Ghost jack the Ferryman
You know my enimies name is January
I love the colour black
I obsess over blood and gore
I'm psychotic
My second best friend's name is Slenderman
 you know that I'm 10 years old...
And you know that I am practically born to kill...

But one thing you don't know is that I have a not even related cousin named Carter...
He's exactly like me....
We both love fortnite
We bothe love creepy pasta, blood, and gore
We both have Central heterochromia
We both have bullies on our asses
We both are memey
We both believe in slenderman
We both love animation, and anime
We both like Sailor Moon and pokémon
We're both 10
We both hate the sun 
We're both creepy af...
We're both Gay (I'm lesbian. Carter's gay)
We're both suicidal...
 And we both have R1- blood.

See what I mean?!
He comes all the way from Canada
And I live in Louisiana!!!
He lives as a neighbor now and his parents are very abusive. The only time they're 'nice'
Is when I'm around....
But I still love my non-related cousin 🙃
Happy birthday Carter!!!
Have a wonderful birthday!



  • Sep 08, 2019

  • Broken


    Awe, you go girl!!

    Sep 08, 2019

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