The Kind Orphan Read Count : 28

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
There lived a beautiful maiden named Adeze,her parents died when she was there years of age.she started living with  her wicked aunt.Her husband couldn't do anything to help the situation . Adeze started doing all the house chores in the house which include the sweeping of the house , washing of the dishes, doing farm work, filling large drums of water, going to the market and hawking .she would come late in the evening very tired and still her aunt will flogg her so hard that there were much marks on her body .She was isolated and never had friends .she would go to the back yard and cry. One day as she was weeding on the farm an old woman came to her pleading for some water and she coughed terribly. The water she had was what she would drink after she was through with the work in the farm,and the stream was very far. She had compassion on the old woman and gave the old woman her water . The old woman blessed her and she disappeared.she became rich and her wicked aunt died out of furstration


  • cool and interesting

    Sep 02, 2019

  • RaineeHooper666


    👏👏👏no one wants a wicked aunt!!!

    Sep 02, 2019

  • Sep 02, 2019

  • karma?

    Sep 02, 2019

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