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Ah! blood!
The most common red liquid in the entire world!
And fills every living organism..
(Except plants and bacteria)
Filled with tiny little atoms we call..
Blood cells
The red liquid runs through all of our viens and soul.
And the taste is like luscious iron
And sweet gold.
It's often found on killer's knifes and Ladies 
But is also found in bodies.
The #1 thing that is allowing you to read
This now...
Is your blood.
There is thin blood, there is thick blood
There are many blood types.
Mine is R1-
An assassin's blood...
Also known as 'Black blood'
Yet it's just a really dark red....

Have a great and EXTRA bloody day!


  • not atoms

    Sep 02, 2019

  • Katherine Freidline

    Katherine Freidline

    red corpuscles... from a medical laboratory technicians point of view...LOL! but seriously, i like the poem's idea. K8TBeth

    Sep 02, 2019

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