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Ungodly by nature. Hated by all. I walk on top of your back as you crawl.

 Hissing out words that bite more the frost. I get what I want and its all at your cost.

A devils reject. I comand you to hate. You beg me for mercy and i make you wait.
 I point my finger and you wag your toung. I suck out your life and it keeps me young.

You can't complain. Ill spit in your face. Put you lame ass back in its place

 You are the lowest form of scrum. Best get your rest because here i come.

I keep wasting your time so youll have nothing to show. And when its your time i wont let you go.

Look in my eyes you will soon regret that I was your savior on the day we met.
Charlotte 2018


  • ooo, is this a person? a principality? drugs? all 3?

    Sep 02, 2019

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