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You think it love but it's toxic. Your scorned now so you really don't care. Your feeding delusion demons. A hell of a burden to bear.

You can't accept that it's over. Your drowning yourself in denial. 
You better get back to reality now before a restraining orders on file.

It's always about you and your drama.
Your the worst one that I've ever seen.
Take your pollution packing. Your a bonified Drama Queen.

Your always about everyone's business
Stabbing their back as they go. Spatting your viatle venom to everybody you know.

The devils embarassed to know you. That's why you've been given this wrath.
Go run your mouth off a cliff 
Charlotte 2018


  • im making this into a song and giving all the credit to u

    Sep 01, 2019

  • Kyleigh  Moore

    Kyleigh Moore

    i love that bc its true

    Sep 01, 2019

  • o,wow! i think i know her!!

    Sep 02, 2019

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