Monika Spies On The Doki’s (part 2) Read Count : 13

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I started following her, trying to not make noise.
I go to one of the classrooms and see Monika pulling it out something from the cabinet...
It was a tray of poems. 
She turned around, I ran as quickly as possible to the club before she saw me. 
I made it!!! 
Monika entered the room

Okay everyone, we have to start writing 3 poems a day for the upcoming festival! ... are you guys still dealing with Yuri?

Yeah we leave her in the room for a while, then she just starts screaming!

I look over to sayori, she is knocked out cause of Yuri I guess. 

Yuri, do you want to write a poem? 

I-If it keeps me from screaming...

Yuri is about to scream,
Natsuki put her arm over yuri’s mouth.  

Okay then.... MC, will you like to share your poem first?

Natsuki, Monika and Yuri look at me.

MC: sure...I guess

Monika smiles sweetly at me then turns to Natsuki and Yuri.

Meanwhile, Natsuki could be making the cupcakes and Yuri.... you could rest.

Yuri gets up dizzy and starts getting the tea.

Ok then.....Sayori, me and you ca-.... is she sleeping?


I go up to sayori and start shaking her.

Wake u Sayori.....Sayori.......SAYORI!

I shake her harder.


Sayori hops out of her chair and trips on the floor. 
I look at Monika and she seems to be looking at Yuri and Natsuki.

Can we please get on with the club? I have a festival to plan but your not helping me! We need to practice sharing our poems in front of other people!

I’m so sorry Monika...

Monika leaves the classroom.
She is moving back and forward.
I got to make out what Monika was saying...

MC bumped into Yuri, brain damage... and scratches... that is her weakness, Natsuki... being called cute and being hard on people... Now it’s Sayori...

She puts a smile on her face and walks to the classroom.

Monika, were ready! 

Monika: Awesome, now take your seats... MC will be sharing his poem so come on up. 

Sayori gladly starts clapping while the others are just staring. 
After I read the poem, Sayori came up. 
I saw Monika with a concerned face. 
She keeps looking up at Sayori then down.

Sayori: Done! 

While everyone is clapping, once again Monika steps out.
But she was talking about something really scary....

Part 3 coming soon! 


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