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Can we call it a sin?

In majority of the cases sin is not a sin but has a different form. Certain acts of humans are strange.

For instance:

Both in Bible and quran, it gives the list of animals that humans can consume as food.

In Hinduism people sacrifice the animals to their respective gods drink it's blood and consume it has a food.

Old age people hunted animals as their food. Even wild animals hunt their prey on land, marine creatures in ocean and vultures, eagles and wild birds on the sky.

In all the instance, 3rd one refers to animals that doesn't have knowledge but under all the incident even if you sacrifice a creature taking the name of Almighty God, still it is murdering a creature and nothing more.

That's why majority of the vegetarians, blue cross, Peta and many brand of animal protection committee are working hard to succeed in their goals but for the rest of the world this people's seem like a joke.

That's is what you call it as a powerful illusionary sin, wherein you commit but you feel it is not a sin because bible and quran(words of God) itself recommends it.
What a shame?


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    Aug 06, 2019

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