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Once cared but no mo..betrayed by blood thirsty men once not even mad jus speaking the truth words fly while others die for a lie..i no sounds mean but karma so no complaints ,you started it as if i weren't pay attention.but i still forgive all of you and you don't have a clue to busy being sneaky yes i no alrdy. But u all fail bcuz i no longer care about that person like that if u must unto others as you would have done to urselfs..called karma is a call away. Hope the text was worth it to me basically wonder wur i was so sneaky ass whom eva asked u to ask me.ashame on all of you for being that way..okay now ur turn all of you crying around over a slut acts like a mute.too bad nah not me or crazy jealous said out i was to not in love with him anymore i scream out loud to say,but he didnt make the call or he asked ya to make it for him,doubt it did he really answer?? To tired to fuc with ya whores or want any sex you get ignored any damn ways.he scared of me and how i may react but so are you of getting caught and your bf will no 2..idc if thats wat u want just stop sneaking around and put it up front.he will never move u in call you his wife so keep on wishing yup ur just a duck..sad but true your emotions are everywhere crying and hurt why for just one night in his bug infeasted bed.awe you like that romantic and love the looks of it your not the only one's..dont every got to worry about me getting mad its just the univited popping up visits that scare the shit out of cracks me up to be mad or curse you all but thats out of my hands.. so if you get delt a shity hands of cards i didnt do this to you bcuz u all done me more than pretend like i dont know about shit smells like kaka in the past.i finally learned to look aside the other way and going to continue to let u look like u didnt try ima play da fool to fool the fools real shit.. watch my facial expressions..later haters two faced people of mine i hope you really didn't mean it.. duece's


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