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It’s a common phrase in cliche and song
We hear most every day
There are many ways to interpret it 
Each one a different way

Let me put my “two cents “ in
And give you my option
I’ve always connected it with “Hope”
A very special linen

“Look for “The Silver Lining...”
Is a song that represents 
The goal of survival and and happiness 
It contains all elements 

It is the “Flagship “ ingredient in all our hearts 
Hope at the forefront of change
Whatever our state of mind exists 
An incentive to rearrange 

It’s the human “starter button”
To turn bad things around 
Or pursue a goal that’s cherished 
Through hope they can be found 

The wonderness of language 
Can give your heart a lift
If  you say or hear this classic phrase 
Consider it a gift 


  • I loved that poem. thank you

    Aug 06, 2019

  • Aug 07, 2019

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