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Everyone starts there day tired and gloomy because of boring old school. Let me tell you, I was not that tired, I slept at 7:00! Which should be the time high schoolers go to bed at..anyways I get ready for school and step out my door waiting for Sayori. I waiting for like 10 minutes until she arrived.

Sayori:  Ahh! I overslept again!

MC: How am I not surprised...

Sayori: Hey, it’s like you never overslept before!

My face turns into guilt. I’ve overslept many times.

Sayori: I heard the school bell ring! Come on MC we’re gonna be late.

MC: I know Sayori...

Sayori’s face turns grouchy.

I ignore it and run as fast as I can. 
Suddenly, out of no were I bump into Yuri.

Yuri: AGHH!


Yuri is to injured to talk.
I look around her body for any bruises or scratches,
I noticed that her sleeve Is Ripped, through it I can see scratches and bruises.
It was bleeding like crazy.

MC: Sayori, call a nurse. 

I look to my side and saw that Sayori wasn’t there.
I though that she maybe already called one. 
Yuri tried to speak.

Yuri: s-stings.

Sayori comes back with a few nurses.
As they put the ice block on her arm, I look through the window and see Monika looking through the glass.
As soon I make eye contact she scrams off.
Sayori tugs on my shoulder.

Sayori: Mc, you okay?

MC: What?

Sayori: you were spacing out..

MC: oh sorry...

Sayori: Anyways, the nurses told us to hed back to class. 

I take one more glance at Yuri, she is crying in pain.
Sayori grabs my hand and runs to our classes. 

8 hours later...

I head down the hallways  to the literature club, as I walk I see Monika at the other end of the hallway.
Her arms are crossed and her head down.
She also seems to be mumbling something.
She shrugs and looks up. 

Monika: oh hey MC!

MC: hey Monika..

Monika: have you seen Yuri anywhere? I need to talk to her about something really important.

MC: She should be at the nurses office. 

Monika: I’ve checked there already... no Yuri.

Monika sweetly smiles and walks to the club.
I follow.
As I walked in I see Natsuki holding one side of Yuri’s hand and Sayori holding the other.
Yuri’s head is tilted back. 

Monika: omg! What happened here?

Natsuki looks angrily at me.

Natsuki: MC bumped into to her and she scratched her arms badly, also hitting her head against the concert floor. 

Sayori: Natsuki... it wasn’t really his fault. 


I turn my head we’re Monika was standing and seeing she was gone. 
I looked down both sides of the hallway.
I saw Monika’s ponytail heading downstairs. 
I hear sayori and Natsuki arguing. 
I thought to myself, “Something auspicious is going on with Monika.. and I’m going to find out!”

Part 2 Coming soon!


  • joshua Aviles

    Joshua Aviles

    Hoped you enjoy this story about DDLC! If you haven’t heard of this game yet, go check it out! It is free on computer!!! Also, I’m sorry for the misspelled words... • At the end, I misspelled thought to though. So it’s suppose to say THOUGHT • Also at the end when MC was thinking about something I misspelled suspicious with auspicious. So it was meant to say SUSPICIOUS. If I missed any misspellings then tell me... Again, I hoped you enjoyed it. JuSt MoNiKa!

    Aug 06, 2019

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