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I want to scream
 So loud I can't breathe
 So understanding you won't leave
Stuck like glue because of my reasonings
 You see, us human beings
 Are ruining, Everything we touch
Death in the masses
Blood mixed with grasses and concrete
Look like makeshift morgues
Practiced for war
And everything else in store
 The roar of the beast
Celebrates the deceased
And everyone else hes deceived
 Only the word can pesticide
 these weeds
 I wanna scream 
Because not enough believe 
 When the proof is right there
Leaking like the blood he bled
But we don't care 
 I stare at the snare
Snout and mouth
Horns and pitch forks
And heathen's that scurry about
Looking for victims
 To claim as his prize
So many asleep they don't even realize
I cringe at the thought of it all
Another brick on the wall
  Separation, annihilation 
 The demonstration
should be a rude awakening
But it isn't..
I wanna scream 
With every fiber in me
I want you to feel my energy 
And relate
I want you to feel 
Breathe and taste every ingredient 
Don't let nothing waste
It's of the essence 
Like soul and faith 
 And living  eternally
 in another place
 I wanna scream 
At you, us and me
But we might run away 
Don't wanna  hear the truth 
Or anything it has to say
I wanna scream 
That's  why we live like this TODAY !!!


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Well done 🦋🦋

    Aug 06, 2019

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