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Today, tRump rightly condemned racism, bigotry & white supremacy. Good! Let's hope he doesn't flip on that remark as he did on his condemnation of the Nazis in Charlottsville, or "send them back". Let's hope he quickly shuts down those mouth breathing racists when they start their chants at his upcoming rallies.

But here is where tRump losses the thread on solving these mass killings: "Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger. Not the gun". This statement is a canard at best, a contrived excuse at worst. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE GUN. The Dayton killer shot all those people in a total of 24 seconds using a weapon designed expressly for killing people rapidly on the battlefield. Allowing that type of weapon on our streets is a travesty. Allowing bullet magazines larger than 10 shots is also a travesity. If the killers in El Paso & Dayton had been using a traditional bolt action hunting rifle, shotgun or hand gun, their capacity to spray bullets onto their victims would have been severely restricted. Many more people would have lived. Who knows, one of the fallen might have been destined to cure cancer. Totally senseless that America is the only nation on the planet that encourages its citizens to have assault weapons. This has got to change.


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