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Been there. It hurts.

Been there. And that hurts too.

When my expectations isn't met, I feel it deep in my bones. I can't help it. 

But does it mean i should stop reaching out?
Walk with my head down?
Does it mean my dreams will die and fade away because of the rejection, the unmet expectations or the feeling of being invisible?

Oh no. 

Hope keeps me going. 
Trust keeps me strong. 
Faith is the key I hold on to. 

There is light behind every darkness.
Rainbow after every storm. 
Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Sure, shit happens, and sometimes, when it rains, it fucking pours. But does that mean the sun is never going shine again? 


As long as there is life in me, there is always hope for tomorrow.


  • Elizabeth Lizzy Ruffell

    Elizabeth Lizzy Ruffell

    i like it so much

    Aug 05, 2019

  • Aug 05, 2019

  • Uda Thomas

    Uda Thomas

    well said. loved it

    Aug 05, 2019

  • Aug 06, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Right on target 歹

    Aug 06, 2019

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