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Our world is filled with colors
Of variety and scope 
They’ve all been master painted
With opportunity and hope 

They all receive direction 
To follow their beliefs 
They vow to stay together 
Through happiness and grief  

They strive for loving families 
With love and care and trust  
Appearance may be different 
But quality a must 

Many faced bad issues 
Some fueled by pure nonsense 
They’ve had to face the challenge 
Of blind intolerance 

There are misguided critics 
Who fervently believe 
That one color should be larger
In the rainbow they persive 

The effort to maintain the size
Of these grand rainbow cultures
To fortify their firm  beliefs 
And quell those evil vultures 

As years go by and time moves on
Our children and their offsprings
Will live within the rainbow’s glow
To shine and dance and sing


  • Aug 05, 2019

  • Aug 06, 2019

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