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When tragedy strikes as it often can
And pain erupts within
 A healing process must be found 
To smile and laugh again 

There are many ways to cope with this 
Writing is one of many
For healing from a crushing blow
May be easier than any

Often in your solitude 
You focus on your loss   
The pressure builds with no relief 
There is a bridge to cross

The means by which you ease the pain 
Is in your heart and hand
To start to write you begin your fight
So you can take command 

The style you choose is up to you
Your goal is to release 
As you start the pressure wains
You’re on the road to peace 

This process should continue 
With all support you find
The writing route can lead the way
To get to higher ground 

To understand the sorrow 
Of any painful loss 
It will not end “tomorrow “
We have to pay the cost 

This may not happen every time 
You won’t know till you try
So take the chance you might advance 
To go from low to high



  • perfectly put. I feel much better when I write down my pain and recite it to the hearing of trees whose silence could mean they care. it flushes the pain away like a good glass of wine after a delicious meal

    Aug 05, 2019

  • Love this! 💜

    Aug 05, 2019

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