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Hey if you didn't know my name it's Lilly and this is my story. So the day I was born I got what I wanted cuz I'm a hybrid princess. My mom and dad were very nice. My father was a fire fairy and my mom was a fox. My father died when I was 10 years old from cancer. So when I got accepted in the famous school of royal high. My mom finally let me go as just a fox princess cause I didn't want to deal with the hybrid stuff. That day was a very happy day for me too. Because that's the day I also met my two best friends Eva and Dawn. Also with the hybrid stuff, my eyes would go red when I got mad. That made people call me a demon sometimes. Also in my school year, I got bullied at a lot by this girl named Ashley. Though another good thing was my two best friends we're my roommates. One day that year I met this guy his name was Ed. He came from a dark fairy family. His family hated him and called him a disgrace to his kind but he said he didn't care. I felt bad for him. After a month we became good friends and I started to have feelings for him. THEN THEY TOOK HIM AWAY FROM ME. My mission is to SAVE HIM FROM THOSE MONSTERS.


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