Valentine’s Day With Sayori!! (Part 1) Read Count : 27

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
It’s Valentine’s Day... the best day to tell someone your feelings for them.
I don’t know who to share it to. Well, i know it has to be one of the other girls...
I’ve made up my mind. I will be sharing my feelings to sayori. Why? Because I’m closest to her.
I go to her house.

Sayori: Hi MC! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

MC: you too sayori!

Sayori: got any plans for tonight? 

Mc: I was just getting to that, anyways...sayori will you be my valentine?

Sayori stares at me with a shocked face.

Sayori: OF COURSE!


  • joshua Aviles

    Joshua Aviles

    Not so exciting.....I know😕

    Aug 06, 2019

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