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What If: The Dead Were Still Living

Death can be a pain in the heart, but it does have a purpose. Whether life's end leads into Heaven or Hell, or just as some religions may believe, in purgatory. Though whatever belief you may consummate, it still would mean so much to each and every single one of us to bring back those that we never got to come face to face with, and exult their return from the dead, or even going to the point where we can fix broken relationships through death of course. But wouldn't that be grand? How would it effect our way of life today? What would change within our way of living? And would it make the world better or worse? It's hard to take in losing people closest to our hearts, but sometimes there are good reasons that our evolution begins with birth and ends with death.

Okay, we all go through it, whether we witness it personally, or we watch it on the other side of the TV screen. Earth, for a long time has been obviously known as the only planet to sustain living creatures. Our world consists up to 7.7 billion people as of 2019. And if you want the dead to come back to life, well, you ought to think again. If we already conclude over 3/4 of what our planet could hold, what would go down when the dead, another 2/4ths adds to our population today? 5/4, no we're not talking fractions. But, adding our relatives to the previous 7.7 billion of today, the population would exceed atleast over 10 billion people. It is believed by scientists that 10 billion is the max that the world could hold. But not only does that mean more people, it means more mouths to feed. Already as 7 billion people of the world, we cannot sustain or produce enough food for everyone in the world today. People over seas, in our country, and even in our back yard are suffering starvation, lacking the food they need for survival. Possibly in my opinion, 70-75% of people are living in luxury, with plenty of food to fill their bellies, and fresh water to quench their thirst. But that other 25-30% of humans in our world, are lacking the resources and water we get every day. Now, if many people around the world are already suffering a life and death crisis, with what food we have now, how many more people would be starving when we add even more people to our population? Not only that, but freshwater here on earth is very scarce as of today. Earth is made up of 75% of water right? So its enough. Actually, not temporarily. A majority of that 75 percent is salt water. We cannot drink this water unless it goes through some type of purification system. But then, we only have 1% of all that water that is suitable for us to drink. And already we are wasting what little fresh water we have left, due to contamination of our lakes, rivers, and oceans (our every source of water) If I'm not wrong, the world all together produces over 1 billion tons of trash every year. And alot of it is sent into our water supply. With more people, not only would we end up fighting for survival along our consumption of water, but also having to find ways to keep it will be difficult with all that we do already as in damage to our fresh water supply. In conclusion, our resources would be scarce, therefore leading into an apocalypse.  You mean zombies? No, I mean, our world would go into meaningless fights and wars over limited resources that wouldn't even really last us too much longer if we didn't be careful. And without ou resources, why won't we just wave our little of what we call humanity goodbye.

We better be lucky life is the way it is.

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  • Aug 26, 2019

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