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Designed for blind irrational destruction 
The poison of the human race 
A diabolical creation
The height of complete disgrace 

There’s never is discussion 
There’s never middle ground 
When the venom flows inside one
Death will soon be found 

This pathetic reality exists 
And there is no protection 
We never know the target 
We never know direction

One thing is certain 
That we should understand 
The hate affliction is a mind disease 
It cannot just be banned 

We live in a complex world 
Where issues are the fuse 
The reason in the killer’s mind
“ We’ve got nothing left to lose”

The solution is a troubled task 
There are many ways to try
None of them are foolproof -sadly
 These horrors will never die

Our hearts go out to all of those 
Who’ve fallen prey to madness 
The reality of these hate-filled acts 
Leaves good people filled with sadness 


  • Aug 04, 2019

  • Aug 04, 2019

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