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This be the season of intense heat, slumber for many is difficult to grasp due to the blaze.

For many, equally, it is easy to find slumber as a cold air encircles the atomsphere of their private domains.

I believe there still be many who arise in the goldilocks hours of 7 AM or 11 AM.

Perhaps, they have gotten better slumber then I. 

At the present of you, reader, driving through my words, I am very much aware and awake.

My eyes loosen and drop, I must blink long and hard to remain strength to push onwards. 

4:52 AM

I feel my person, dwindling along the borders of human and not human.

I cannot comprehend why I remain awake and aware at the haunting hours. 

Perhaps, I am afraid. 

Afraid of slumber? How can that be?

I'm fearful of attempting to slumber, it is a daunting, struggle to do so.

And, yet, when I finally do slumber, I am ashamed.

For I feel non-human for remaining awake at such haunting hours. 

4:57 AM

The clock winds down.

It is time for my search for slumber, hopefully I may be able to rest tonight.


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