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21 years ago...
I still remember that day
I still feel all that pain
It's like being held up by a chain
I feel like I'm going insane
Your memory it sticks to my brain
Just like a relentless stain

This shits so complicated
And I'm so frustrated
I wish you could have just waited
Why you did it you could have educated
Maybe I wouldn't be so devastated

It's so confusing I don't know how to feel
Without any answers how am I supposed to heal
Is what they said to me true, is it real
Did you really do those things, what's the deal?

How do I forgive you
When you left me here without a clue
Feeling like it was my fault what did I do
The guilt just got worse the older I grew
And the hate built up the more that I knew
When you left I lost my family too

You took your own life
Took all your pain away but left your kid in strife
And now this wound is getting infected I have to go under the knife
I'm scared cuz they say I'm just like you but,
My heart's stronger than yours and it'll continue to fight

One day I'll be at peace
One day I'll be ok knowing you'll never see
Who I turn out to be
I don't need your approval, you best believe
I'mma fight tooth and nail to succeed
Despite the fact I don't have the answers I need
I don't know whether to love or hate you, I wish you could answer me


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Suicide as well as most deaths impact the living who can become victims When we seek answer in these tragedies there can be great frustration as part of the grieving and the reality is there may not be answers 🦋whatever your feeling is normal for you -guilt just complicates and confuses the issues 🦋There is no rule book for grieving- it is a process that is long and painful There are many support groups that do an excellent job- you might consider that It is difficult almost impossible to try to deal Edith it alone- I you think of it as past of your life- regrettably reborn and you are in essence an infant in this tragic new experience Writing is a wonderful way of dealing with the pent up emotions that is part of the process

    Aug 04, 2019

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