Demons Done-On The Run Read Count : 16

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We rise from the ashes of despair 
So many time we have been there
We refuse to fall -we refuse to bend
We will take the blows but win in the end
We are strong and proud 
We don’t have much to say out loud
Our will and desire are our choices 
They are our battle voices
Our armor is our faith
Our goal to celebrate 
To see you turn and run
When you know that you are done 
The many times that you appear 
We’ll make you disappear in fear 
When you see we’ll not retreat 
You’ll face the end we call defeat 
And if and when you dare come back 
It’s bound to be your last attack 
We are the brotherhood and sisterhood 
We are human and basically good 
When life goes well we live and thrive 
Our unfurled flag displays SURVIVE


  • Aug 04, 2019

  • Aug 04, 2019

  • wooow so honest

    Aug 04, 2019

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