Trying Or Crying Read Count : 20

Category : Poems

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The road success for any achievement
Takes effort and persistence 
Expectations can a detour make
In creasing the resistance 

If the issue seems most challenging 
And you decided not to try
Do you do yourself a disservice 
To ignore it and stand by

If you feel the goal is worth it
And your willing to take the chance 
Would the effort that you undertake 
Help your wish enhance 

If you believe you’ve opened the door
To something you desire 
To choose to to pursue with all your might
Or quit and just retire

As in all cases of navigating our way 
We control our life
The final decision that we do make 
Can boost  ego or lead to strife 


  • Aug 03, 2019

  • Good message. 💜

    Aug 03, 2019

  • Aug 03, 2019

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