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It's okay.

It's okay to be lazy for a while as long as you once again become productive.
It's okay to cry your eyes out today as long as you eventually wipe those tears away and pick yourself back up.

It's okay to fail at something. Hey, at least you tried. You didn't fail if that's the case. Know that you can try again as many times as you'd like. Success takes time. It won't happen overnight.

It's okay to feel lost and not know what you wish to do with your life. It's okay if you're uncertain. It's okay if right now, you can't decide.

It's okay to not walk the same line as that of your peers. It's okay to choose your path and go at your own pace. We're all different. We all have different purposes in life, different goals we wish to achieve someday, different obstacles in our way and different fears.

It's okay if they don't like you. You weren't put on this Earth for them. One of the reasons why you were put here is to learn how to like and love yourself. That's what truly matters when the day comes to an end.

It's okay if you're reading this and you don't believe me when I say that ''it's okay,'' because I too had to learn that if I focus on the things in life that make me feel fortunate to be alive, stay hopeful and keep going each day, that I will slowly, but surely see my life begin to change in positive ways.  Maybe you'll believe in these words one day, but until then, remember that it's okay.

It's all going to be okay.

It's Okay, by Natasha (ReneéRose) Moran🌹


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