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Demon hunter, monster slayer,

If you love me, say a prayer.

I've chosen my weapons, donned my armor.

Say my goodbyes, I'm going to war.

Into the fire, into the flame,

Hunting the demons that have no name.

Battling the monsters, blow by blow.

My scars are many, but their blood no longer flows.

I have no army at my command, 

these beasts are slain by my own hand.

Tired as I am, I keep fighting on,

I'll slay my demons till all are gone.



  • Aug 02, 2019

  • Aug 02, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    A great collection of poetry not an ordinary work in the lotoutstanding

    Aug 02, 2019

  • Aug 02, 2019

  • Oct 19, 2019

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