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Teen Wolf Season 1 episode 1: A New Day
June 2, 2011

There was a family and they were moving out to go to a new home and had a son and a daughter the son name was Aiden and the daughter name was Allison and dad and mom name were Travis and Beth and Travis said come on kids hurry we got to go Aiden and Allison didn't want to leave because there old friends are down here but they all got in the car and drove off to there new house and there get there in 10 hours then Travis says WE ARE HEREEE and Aiden and Allison say dadddd!!! Then they all get out and bring there stuff in there new house and they pick there rooms and Beth says get some rest kids y'all got school tomorrow time to meet some new friends and it was night time and Travis and Beth were talking and Beth says you ready for your new job and Travis says I can't wait and Beth says I can't wait for the kids to go to school and Travis says yea I know me to Beth says I'm just worried they might get picked on and Travis said no there not they both know how to fight they will take care of each other then they kiss and went to bed it's 6:40am Beth wakes up Aiden and Allison and says hurry get up u got to be at school for 7:30am so they get dressed and go eat breakfast and Travis is leaving and gives Beth a kiss and says goodbye and leaves and then the bus is coming and Beth says have fun at school kids I love y'all then Aiden and Allison got on the bus and went to school they got there and Allison said good luck love u and Aiden said love u to and Aiden went to class and so did Allison and Adien sat down in the desk and teacher Mr. Williams said this is our new student Adien and everyone said there names and got to work Mr. Williams gave Adien his homework and said just bring it back tomorrow Adien said ok school was over Allison came out and said how was your day and Adien said good I had Mr. Williams what about you and Allison said I had Ms. Smith and Beth comes in the car and says how was y'all dad and Adien and Allison say good and Beth said who was y'all teachers and Adien Mr. Williams and Allison said Ms. Smith and Beth said well yall do y'all home work and y'all can have a free day then Travis came home and Beth said hey how was work and Travis said good and kissed Beth and Beth said the kids had a great day at school today and Travis said that is good then it was night time Allison was done with homework and went to take a shower and Beth and Travis was sleeping and Adien was doing homework then Adien hears a noise outside his window but he looked nothing was there then he finshed homework went to take a shower and Allison was texting on her phone and Adien got out and went to bed for the next school day. 


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