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Teacher: Students, may I have your attention please. As some of you may know, the annual School vs School is coming up.

Elon: Nice!

Teacher: Our school is hosting and participating this year and we need participants. The sign-up sheets are up on the board. Come up and sign in.

Kids came up, one by one writing their names down on the sheet.

Elon: Come on babe, sign up with me!

Aydin: W- what? Me? Join? No, I'll only make the school loose. I'm too weak.

Elon: Awe, come on, it'll be fun!

Aydin: I'm good, I'll cheer you on from the side though.

Autumn and Addilyn: Us too!

Elon: Nice.

Boy 1: Haha! You won't last a second! Do you know who we're facing off against? Not even you will beat them, Elon! Haha!

Addilyn: You ass!

Boy 1: What!?

Elon: We're in the middle if class, don't.

Boy 1: Fine.

Class ended. Everyone went to their last class of the day.

Principal on loudspeaker: Elon Moon, report to the office please, thank you.

Boy 3: Ha! Moonshine in trouble! Haha!

Aydin: Shutup.

Elon: It's okay.

Elon went up to the office.

Principal: Elon, as you know, School vs School is next week. Our opponent is Mystic Military School. There's a bug in their school, they just informed us.

Elon: Alright, what do I need to do?

Principal: We need you to beat the bug or he'll release very sensitive information to the public. Your already qualified for the finals, save your energy, this is very important for you to win! Do you understand!?

Elon: Yes, sir!

Principal: Good, now you may head back to class.

Elon: Alright, have a nice day sir.

Elon walked back to class.

Elon's Mind: I need to tell Aydin.

School ended, Elon walked Aydin home.

Aydin: Elon, what's up?

Elon: There's a bug in the fight I need to take care of.

Aydin: Do you know how strong it is?

Elon: No. All I know is that I'm already qualified for the final, and if I don't defeat The Bug, it won't be good for the other school.

Aydin: Babe, please be careful, and try not to use your Special Tier unless you need too.

Elon: I will, don't worry about me.

Elon kissed Aydin on the lips before leaving her house.

Aydin: I love you.

Elon: I love you too.

Week went by. The fighting tournament starts now.

Boy 1: Let's do this.

Mystic Kid: Mystic Cloud! Fire Breath!

First round!

Boy 1: Water Wip! Let's get serious! Ahh!

Mystic Kid: Mysterious Form, 1.

Boy 1: Tier 3 Activate! Tier Iron Fist!

Mystic Kid: Blocked. Try again.

Boy 1: Blood Fall!

Mystic Kid: Umbrella.

Boy 1: Your strong.

Mystic Kid: You too. Ready to get serious?

Boy 1: Yeah.

Mystic Kid: We both use our trump card, who ever is left standing wins. Deal?

Boy 1: Yeah.

Mystic Kid: Mystery 1! Underworld Swollow!

Boy 1: Special Tier! Tri Cage!

Aydin: You don't think that kid is The Bug?

Elon: No, I felt The Bug's power before the tournament started, this kid here doesn't come close.

Boy 1: Why the hell! Aaarrgghhhhhh!

Announcer: Round one! Lost goes to Tier High School!

Elon: This will take awhile, I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when the tournament is over for the day.

Addilyn: Alright.

Aydin: Ahh! Addilyn! I told you to stop doing that!

Autumn: Doing what?

Aydin: That, popping up out of nowhere!

Addilyn: Oh stop being a baby, Aydin.

Aydin: Hmph.

Two hours past, 6 rounds completed.

Autumn: Elon wake up, after this round we're done for the day.

Elon: *Yawns* Alr- The Bug!

Aydin: Wait, for real!

The Bug: Mystic Shadow Grab. Bye.

Aydin: Round barely even started and he won it already. Elon please be careful.

The tournament lasted for a week. Both schools are evenly tied. Elon breaks it by losing or winning.

Crowd: Let's go Elon, let's go! Let's go Elon, let's go!

Aydin: Please Elon be careful.

Elon and The Bug charged at each other right away.

Elon: Tier 5 Activate!

The Bug: Mysterious Form, 5!

Elon: Your going down!

The Bug: Try!

Boy 1: What the actual hell! When did he obtain fucking Tier 5!

Aydin: He stayed after school last week using the equipment and machines to level up, he's the only one that cares about leveling up.

Boy 1: Damn him.

Elon: Tier 5 Lava Wall! Tier 5 Lucky Hail! Tier 5 Hell Storm!

Boy 1: He's killing himself, he pulled way to many Tiers! He's going to kill himself at this rate!

Addilyn: What!

Autumn: I don't believe you!

The Bug: Goddammit!

Aydin: But its hurting him, see!

Boy 1: It wouldn't matter if he's dead, you stupid girl!

Elon: Tier 5 Tornado! Tier 5 Crimson Cage!

The Bug: What the hell?

Elon: That'll keep you still while I cough up some blood.

Aydin: He really is killing himself... He's determined..

Addilyn: What's going on?

Aydin: The Bug has sensitive information about the school he is attending. If Elon loses, its not good..

Addilyn: And he's coughing up blood.

Boy 3: Elon is killing himself? Good, he finally met his match.

Boy 1: Shutup! If Elon loses, your secrets are exposed! Everything! So shutup!

Elon: Alright, Tier 5 Electricity Strike!

The Bug: Your so weak! Mystery 5, Death.

Aydin and Addilyn: Elon! No!

Boy 1 and 2: Moon!

The Bug: Hahahaha! Now your pretty girlfriend will join you.

Elon fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

Announcer: Everyone, evacuate immediately, this is not a drill, we repeat, this is not a drill! This is a Code M!

Boy 1: Boys! Let's go!

Trio: Tier 3 Activate! Special Tier! Three Tri Triangle Beam!

A light shined bright for a second then went out. Elon was still on the ground, the Trio were on the ground; Aydin is the only one consciousness.

The Bug: Sorry, your pretty and everything, but I can't let you call the cops.

Aydin: Please no, I beg of you...

The Bug: Mystery 5, Death-Nadoe.

Voice: Tier 5 Void.

Aydin: What..?

The Bug: Your alive?

Elon: Tier 6 Activate!

The Bug: Heh, give me your worse!

Elon: Tier 6 Vaccum!

The Bug: W-w-wh-a-a-at... I-I-I can't br-brea-breath.

Elon: Tier 6-

Aydin: Elon, no! You'll kill yourself!

Elon: Special Tier!

The Bug: Li-i-sten to the g-ir-r-l.

Elon: ...

Aydin: Elon no!

Elon: Moon Beam 2!

Aydin: No!

The light emitted from Elon, filling the arena. Explosion came off of Elon. Everything went white for Aydin.

Beth: Hey sleepy head, how do you feel?

Aydin: Mom? I'm feeling good I guess? Where's Elon? Mom, where's Elon!?

Beth: Don't worry sweety, he's okay. He's in pretty bad condition, but, he'll live.

Aydin: How did I get to the hospital?

Autumn: He carried you, all of us.

Aydin: He? Us?

Addilyn: Yeah, Elon. He carried all of us then he was sent to the ERL.

Boy 1: He saved us before the explosion got us.

Aydin: So Elon is okay?

Beth: Yes.

Aydin: And you guys are okay?

Addilyn: Yeah, thanks to Elon.

Aydin: Alright, thank gawd.

Doctors: He's out of this world. He lived.


  • Aug 07, 2019

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