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So i was starting to get really tired and needing to take naps constantly, eventually i started passing out at work and i lost my job bc of it and i was getting pissed off cuz i was tired of sleeping all the time and not being able to do anything. I got put in a hospital  and i texted mama asked if she wanted to come visit me while i was in the hospital she said sure so i gave her the address to the hospital i was at. And as soon as the doctor walked into the room with mama and predator i had injected drugs into the iv and started to cease so the doctor ran over and started rehabilitating me and told mama and predator to leave. After a few days mama and predator were still there and i was still irritated that i couldn't get out of the bed and it had been 6 months since i was able to walk cuz i was stuck on the hospital bed. So i asked mama if she would take me out to get food sbe said yes so i unplugged all the ivs and what not to go with them. Whenever we got in the car i passed out and the cops had been called by my parents cuz i wasn't in the hospital. So mama and predator had to go to court for "kidnapping" when they did i was there to give witness to what happened but all they would say was they should've known better than to listen to a mental child (cuz i tried to od a few days ago). I got pissed at them for not believing me cuz i was trying to fix my mentalness by getting out and suing mama for helping me so i started cussing everyone out and said u humans r fing rtards and i hate u all. After that somehow (don't remember exactly what lead up to this sorry) i grabbed the cops gun and pointed it to my head pleading and crying for them not to have to go to jail. After a little bit i realized it was pointless and put the gun down and asked the judge one more time to just let them go. He said that i could go to jail for both of their sentences and never talk to them again or they go to jail for their sentences. I left the choice up to them and that's where the story ends.


  • Neemiah Zambella

    Neemiah Zambella

    tell me what ya think after u tead it plz

    Aug 02, 2019

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