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Just as I come out of my “contentment “
I must have taken a wrong turn
I ran right into resentment 
And I got a hell of a burn

With heart pounding 
And blood coursing through my veins 
 As if mixed with broken glass
It magnied  my pain

I looked to my reserve 
My experiences stored within 
To cope with this sneak attack
I didn’t know where to begin

I confronted this friend 
Tried all of my strategies
He became so enraged 
It became a great tragedy 

Friends for thirty years
A relationship like brothers 
Resentment hidden so long 
I felt I was being smothered 

I recalled a sentence used often in my vocation 
“The ones you trust the most can hurt you the most”
I didn’t realize when I was counseling
 I’d be living that situation 

My last resort was to leave the scene 
Hoping cooler heads would prevail 
With him blowing  steam and me being 
I felt this too would fail
I’m far from a genius 
But have good insights 
But the trust betrayed me with great surprise 
That is my major fright

I still believe that trust is essential 
Without it relationships are doomed 
It will take some time to reconcile 
 With disappointment I’m all consumed 

Perhaps someday I’ll understand 
The hurt he said l caused
We might even speak again sometime 
But I believe all is lost

The one thing I fervently believe 
The concept remains the same 
Trust remains a golden rule
To help a relationship gain


  • Aug 01, 2019

  • Aug 01, 2019

  • Maurice, things like that happens. We may not like it, it may even sting for a while, but sometimes shit happens. Reading through your writings i can say that you are a pretty straight up guy. You are honest with your thoughts and expressions, you are one who would never hurt a fly. However, we have no control over how others interpret our words or how they choose to react towards us. If the friendship means a lot to your friend like it does to you, he will see what is what and he will be back. If he doesn't, well, maybe it's not such a big loss afterall. Keep your chin up, dear brother. As always, in all ways, you are seen, you are heard, and you are loved.💜

    Aug 01, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Zee🦋it means a lot ❤️

    Aug 01, 2019

  • Aug 01, 2019

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