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Sad but true my soul is hurt today.i thought i was  over him completely,until he called and text last night.i was quiet mean to him.i just hate feeling used for sex question wat do i do now about this?continue to feel like shit and a one night stand im not one of them kind of girls.i dont like that shit either im only yours and you only mine or we dont have nothing..its disrespectful to a women and im not cut out for booty to old for that anymores.if i no best i let him be and go bcuz i feel as if things will never change and it is just a waste of time on my part..hope's are sharttered and emotions are scattered..he does not feel the same way about me why wait? So i feel bad as if im cheating on myself or him muchless I dont want too and it used to be great with the other person but now im like plz hurry and take me back not doing that again im surprised i went threw with that.. for the last time ever tho..i dont no wat it is ,but its not like me..i used to be cold blooded to men now ive become weak and crybaby and fucn feelings now days..sad but true being hard and not wanting to share or show emotions really got me looking like willie fool fool not koo yo.. its painful from my head to my soul..after the shit he has said i really shouldnt give a rats ass about anything about that dude..first the bad talking on me ,second them drunk dirty hoe's ,4th he kissed one of them wet ducks destiny5th he made me relapse after a year of being clean ,6th lies and being a cheater from time to time as if i couldnt feel him or no.the unspoken voices i hear annoying me about him from others heads or around me..sumtime they lied sumtime they told on him.7th his friends they all changed up and im guessing they all cheat on there wifes to cuz they were never around.8th he should no better to sleep with his neighbors wife.9th all of his friends landlord and female friends all got if i cant hear them talking..them girls just wants money they dont care about him just wanting to trick for money or to party and get drunk and fuc.if that aint enough for me to let go and say fuc him and mean it.. at first we agreed no disrespecting each other he started it first..and acting like he didnt never want to hang out or spend time with me ,supper with them other hoe's and his queer looking crew came first.i thot he was queer for a min too.. since we dont live together now and when we do hang out its much more different its like he cares and sex got better.but besides all that he will probably wont change.. i guess he wants to live alone until he dies old grouchy bald headed man.. everything in the house is dirty from dishes to clothes not been hung up and shit on the towlet..wonder which whore he fucd and paid to clean up the restroom?who gives a damn,he rather lay up with them whores carrying they hoe bags filled with bed bugs and lice and smelly pussy's instead actually not being with somebody thats not out to use him and cared i lost respect for him and trust went out the cant lie to me period i feel the vibes of people and my damn nose can smell miles away and my gifted ears can hear hundreds of miles away.. i wont never know or understand why he treated me like i was a enemy or why did he even ask me to move in and back in twice or 3 times?? Sumtimes i want to walk over and cause trouble but why look like that  crazy person he said i was that is never around..i feel like doing evil things to make me feel better and laugh to myself and get over not the type to chase ur ass or stalk you thats out my character id rather wait and let u chase my ass around wtf i look like??i hope he's happy now and since his queer as friends broke us up call them and ask them for sum ass shit..and the saturday shit and workin on the holidays too on sundays yeah go fuc yourself so which bitch had sat and which other one has sunday. And the cooking after work thot i didnt know but i did but i wasnt going out my way to find just staying there with his sorry ass did enough damage for each one of them bitch's.. ya was looking pretty stupid knocking late when we would be in disrespectful of you slimmey ass hoe's.karam's a bitch and i could b there still if i wanted to but im grown and not looking like i need or want his sorry you actually believe your the only one he post to love hoe beat its just not ur day to stay the night.isnt it funny bcuz he thinks im going to show up at any giving time? Why i have to stalk when i have friend who will do it for me.. next time park 5 blocks over puss in boots.. i hope you all smell like dodo and a can of tuna really played urself short for them kind of girls.why you attracted to them idk or understand fuc im the one who taught u how to wash your ass and dick fr and let u no if u stunk..but your welcome i wished u wouldnt talk of me evil or wicked or even let anyone of them chickenheads say shit about me period and not laugh right along with them..i no how u are i went thru your phone stupid and i read text to them all saying the same shit to all of us and how one wont even respond back PROBABLY cuz she has a man and respects that and ur just a dirt bag .wanting dirty girls of any race..have sum respect for yourself. But i hope if u only know thats its all ur fault i started using drugs again bcuz u fucd with my feelings and the disrespect and it really sucks to be a addict again. I pray and hope i get approved for ssi so i aint got to worry or hear about or from u again.cuz im leaving to start my life over and sober again by myself like u left me to be..and i hope you go bald headed mean while or go back to mexico..dont get xaught buying pussy thats a felony and a free ride back to mexico and WITH that project icee team there looking for sex slaves prostitutes and mexican trick daddys.yup thats wat ur label as in my eyes..but u dont give a fuc so me neither.i told u straight up about things like that bcuz i have no reason to lie. And you called the police on me i went to jail well i was serious about reporting u to immigration so ya queers better get married to ya stinky putas before u get caught buying tuna girls and girls with sores and staff on there wat im addict my body is far from havin scratching pox or looking sick or dead..anyway staying with gma is much better and here we fr love and care about each other despite sumtime were assholes to each other  only on our shity days.i just wish u will and hope u be happy one day AND settle down with puta thats makes u happy.its sin to cheat on ur future wife period.. muchless grow the fuc up enough is other stuff like church movies shopping fishing and planting flowrs and lawn work together us women like that kind of stuff or take a walk together after suppper. Laugh and bs together stop looking like u mad or angry or lost in thot.ur the only one who can change ur old ass ways.. 


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