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   It comes as no surprise, whenever it competes to produce certain coverage. Recently, I have just been informed yet again, that large mainstream media sources have been attacking Independent Media. The problems here, arise as we discussed the Fourth Amendment and the freedom of the press. The large overlords of the media industry, have recently gone on to attack these sources through fraudulent means. They claim piracy, as well as other methods to shut down live streams in order to damage the sources reputation.
   So, to start out I will talk about piracy since these MSM providers like to use this term. What does the term piracy mean? Piracy, is the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work. This means, if you don't have permission to use someone's work, you are stealing it. Here's the problem with their: as they state, they were broadcasting off of their feed. This is not correct, as many Independent Media sources have agents or we'll sit and that place on their own. It is very important to realize, their claims to shut them down is purely false. The little guy, always gets attacked by the bigger wolves.
   What can we do about? Is probably the big question that's floating around in your head right now. You might even think, there is nothing we can do about this. This is not true though, we can act against these people by making this public. We cannot let these wolves, step on us and  attempt to block everything we stand for. I will never deny, there are illegitimate sources, but the David Pakman show is not one of these. These actions, used by msm should be treated as criminal attacks and dealt with under legal precedence.


  • Aug 02, 2019

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