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First let me thank my friend SATANOPEDIALOGY for his article 25k, it was really amazing and I feel like I am blessed by his compliment. Once again thank you for that my friend.


The play*****gravity*******


JESUS: What is this title "gravity"?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Actually it is a question of a writer by Name GODSON.

SATAN: GODSON! Great name and what is his question?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: "is gravity a boon or curse?"

SATAN: What an idiotic question it is? Of course it is a boon, it is the force which locks the entire things on the earth and if gravity itself doesn't exist then how will human or other creatures survive.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: but he feels that by locking all the things it has made us wingless misfit.

SATAN: Of course humans are wingless misfit, that's why they have helicopters, planes and other flying machines.

JESUS: I guess if gravity doesn't exist humans can fly but they won't have a fixed designation, they will be flying high and might reach above sky limits and before that, they would faint and die of suffocation and the life on planet earth might become impossible for all the living beings because each and everything including trees, mountains, rocks, oceans and so on will be floating everywhere making things more complicated. But why did he ask such a question.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Might be a curiosity or else the effect of some fantasy movie.

SATAN: But it is a strange clever question. I guess GOD hasn't tried this formula on this planet till now. Should try it once and see the results. It would be interesting.

JESUS: I feel this desire of yours will only be a dream and nothing more than that.


  • Nice play. Worth title

    Aug 01, 2019

  • ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    Aug 02, 2019

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