The Little Devil Darling (part 2) Read Count : 26

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
When I did, I saw a kid on the bench. She whispered in my ear even though no one was there, “see that kid, kill him” she gave me anger to the kid, it made me want to punch him to death. Some other thing made me not do it. I felt my courage and told the girl, “NO!” She made my heart stop moving for a sec. then it started beating again. I got scared. She told me again, “kill him.” I kept on saying “NO” until she went out of me, and started pulling me underground. I shouted for help but no one was near. I was in this dark cave area. It was filled with bones. I heard screaming behind me. Then I saw my huge fear, spiders. It was so big. It was running towards me... I screamed so loud it disappeared. I realized that it didn’t disappear because of my scream. It was in my head. I heard the girl say, “strike 1.” I asked her, “what happens if I reach 3 strikes?” She said, “you’ll die.” I was so scared I woke up outside still. I also saw my mom shaking my shoulders saying, “wake up!” I told her, “I’m up. Why were you telling me to WAKE up?” She said that I was standing still looking at the ground, even though I was underground. I realized that she pulled my soul down to hell. 


  • Aug 01, 2019

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