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It’s a rumour that the uncle named, Mr. Kamal Sharma, is  psychologically ill. Everyone says, he had killed his whole family, and is now living alone. 

Today I have to check him out. As he use to live alone in his room, no one knows what he do there alone. How can be a person live alone that long?
Well, let me tell you more about him, he is crazy or you can say mad, well both things are same still, he lives alone in his 3 bhk house. He has no friends, no one has his phone number. What ever goes inside of his house he use to keep them with him and when anyone want then back he says “ it’s mine” thus he has been named MR. MINE.
OK, so today, I am going to search more things about him. I will update you every time, whenever I will see something.
I am in his home,
“Oh god, it’s too dirty as well as many things are broken. How can A man live here? It’s just like A hell.”
Hell! This is what all of us call this place. Because, he only thinks for himself, nothing more nor less. Everything whatever he found in his area he use to take it and never return it. According to him, everything in his area is his belongings. Whenever we ask him to return our things he only say “ It’s mine now.” That’s why we have named him Mr. Mine.
My 6 balls, a kite and my things are here. I don’t know where he is right now, but he is not in his house right now. Let’s search the whole place.
This place is huge. Not only the upper area it has a underground place too. Here are my things. OMG!!!! There are many other things too, it’s like if I sell everything present here, I will be rich enough that my every generation will live comfortably without doing any job. Lets see what all are here.
Pinchu's toy car, Akshay's kite, sushanto's bat, and many more. I am thinking,,,, can I keep all this with me. I don’t want to steal, but all this things are that things through which they use to tease me that I don’t have those things. After having all things, I will be famous among all, and if they recognised then I will say that I have stolen this things only for you all. Yes, that’s the right idea.
Now I am collecting things. But, how will I carry all of them. That’s a good question. Let me think. What if uncle have something which will help me to carry all things. Let’s check.
I am in the main hall, and the door is open, I have closed it. Means someone has entered here. I have to be careful and have to leave as soon as I can. OMG!!!! He is standing on the exit. Now I have no other way to leave. I have to hide, tool the time he leave again.
I am in his closet, and can see him through the crack of the door of closet. He is doing something, like he is searching for me. He is smelling, I think he can smell me. He is coming towards me, he stopped.
Why is he smiling?
Why is he not opening the door?
Why is he standing still there?
Why I am feeling that there is someone inside the closet with me?
The whole closet is full of cloths, actually dirty cloths. He left. Now I am coming out of the closet. I can hear the sound of TV,, means he is watching something on his TV. Well I think I have a chance to leave. I have to go through the Hall, where the TV is. But he is there, what to do??
Ok I have an idea. I will do something because of which he will leave his place and will get distract then I will run to the door and will leave this house. Yes, very nice Prince. Ok, so here it goes. There is a steel pan, I will throw it from a height, and he will run to check, in between I will leave this place. Going according to my plan. He didn’t even move an inch. What a man.
Ok lets do something different. I will jump through the window, and height is that more. Ok, let’s do this.
Damn! This hurts, yah I am outside of his house, but still in his area. What a large place, oh thank god, he still is there watching TV. There are many strange things, like claw print of a huge animal.
“What all he is keeping with himself?” I murmured to myself.
Now I am leaving to the main gate. Oh shit!!!!! He is standing there, and now he knows that am here. Now I have to hide somewhere in his house.
I am in his bedroom, his wife is laying of the sofa, and as I had told you that she is no more.
“What is he doing with her corpse”
Whatever he was doing, I only have to hide now. I am under his bed, there a lot of space here, he is coming in room. He is doing something in his desk. He is writing a note, he put the note on the floor and left. Let’s check it, and it says “I know you are under my bed”
Damn!! How he know it. I have to change my place. I am in the basement, what a place just like the hell. This strong smell, with all dirt here.
I can’t stay here anymore. I have to leave. But, he will find me. The closet creak open, I can saw the corpses of his other family members. I am running away, now again to the place where he keep other things.
Everything have a note which says ‘ it’s mine' plzz god let me out of here.
It’s almost 2 days, since I am in his house, I am not allowed to leave from here. As he has put a note on me, which says “it’s mine”

The end.


  • Aug 03, 2019

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