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Today tRump tried to boost the prospects of his nominee for Director of National Intelligence being confirmed by saying "RATcliffe is very strong. The Intelligence Agencies have run amok and he will reign them in".The DNI role is one of the most important in our government. It is central to our National Security. It has traditionally been a non-political role being centered on competence and experience within intelligence matters. RATcliffe has neither. RATcliffe is one of tRump's political hatchet men, pure and simple. tRump wants a political hack in this role who will carry his water, just like Barr does at the DOJ. Will GOP Senators resist this assine nomination? Will they finally put America's interests before partisan appeasement of tRump? Hopefully they will but four GOP Senators will have to make a stand and that seems to be a reach too far based on the GOP's past performance.


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