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Happiness isn't something that one should look for, it's actually one of those things that a person brings about in their life but we are to focused on other  peoples fulfillment n their visions that we loose sight of our own lane n forget what really matters to us.
The way we express ourselves is set to be different and by nature that is correct. The way we attempt on doing and carrying out our life hood also differs but that's not what we stand for today and that deplorable and very sad to watch. Let's get back into waving our own flags that point out our sense of being unique and to what we stand out for. Be you, the world has enough imitations of others walking on others shadows, we could do with some thing different, we ought to be exposed to some thing out of the ordinary.
 The problem is when people are to crowded on one thing we carry out pretty of being like every one else which is wrong cause then you now suppressing the true sense and beauty of who you are. I say be proud of being a weirdo and standing out from the crowd when your happy and in a good space of heart everything else makes sense even if does not but because you thinking like you unlike what would someone else do obsicles become very easy to overcome. Be you and do you!. 


  • Jul 30, 2019

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