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   Pennsylvania School District, as a common citizen of the United States of America, I am here to tell you that you have overstepped your bounds. The letters, which were cited by media several days ago was an illegal action which can constitute emotional abuse among these families. Also, with knowledge of schooling when you've committed a federal offense. For this offense, no school district is legally allowed to make decisions regarding the safety or health of a child. They are not legally allowed to detain or make decisions based on removing children from families. You are not Child Protection Service individuals, and you are not allowed to make these decisions. I advise you, as a citizen with this knowledge, but you have encroached a territory which you can be criminally charged with. Some of the parents of these children, may not make a great deal of to pay for their lunches which are overpriced.
   Also you've used CPS, in a way which should not have been used. The removal of a child, constituting outstanding debts is an illegal practice. Since you have knowingly stated, that you believe you can have this done, you just willfully admitted as an abettor to the possibility that you would criminally take families away from parents and traffic them. May you be warned, your state is allready under investigation for illegally removing children from families.
   There are other ways to collect debts, and you could use these possibilities to help you collect on debts. One possibility, having a child work after school for an hour per lunch which is unpaid. Though child labor is frowned upon, it is not uncommon for schools to have children help or assist with certain needs. Two, you can ask for assistance from business individuals to raise a charity to help pay for lunches for the families in your community. On average, these donations will help pay for the lunches and break out the need for asking parents to pay for them. Three, do not attempt to charge parents criminally unless there personal debt is substantially high. If the need arises, a legal Court can acquire the necessary funds.
   Do not forget to investigate why the child is not paying for the lunch prior. A school making these childish and inappropriate threats, suggests that those involved should be fired from their positions for abusing their power. Throughout the United States, we have enough problems without having to deal with organizations like yourselves who abuse what little real authority you have.


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