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Being rejected hurts
It can bring someone to tears
A crushing blow to relationships 
The most damaging of fears

Let’s look st the other side 
When you feel you’ve had enough 
You break the news to a partner or friend 
Knowing the impact is rough

There may be many reasons to end it
And the ones that you will choose 
Will indicate the pain it costs 
And what you’ve got to lose

If someone has rejected you
Words cannot describe the pain
It can last a very long time
But is there still a gain

Let’s say you get together again
To try a brand new start 
Unless there is some major change
It’s bound to fall apart

Ending it is never easy
No matter which side you are on
Regardless how much time it takes
 To recover and move on 

If you agonize this brutal loss
And lament from day to day
You mire in despair with no relief 
That may never go away

To find the will to carry on
Is best for your survival 
At least it gives you a fair chance 
To reach a life revival


  • Jul 30, 2019

  • Jul 30, 2019

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